Fender Precision Bass ´51 Reissue MN BS online kaufen

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Fender Precision Bass ´51 Reissue MN BS

Fender Precision Bass ´51 Reissue MN BS
Fender Precision Bass ´51 Reissue MN BS
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Fender Reissue ‘51 Precision Bass
Butterscotch blonde, Classic Series, made in Japan

Fender Reissue ‘51 P-Bass
- Esche Body
- Maple Neck
- Vintage Style Reverse Tuning Machines
- 20 Vintage Style Frets
- 1 Original Single-Coil Precision Bass Pickup
- Original Precision Headstock Shape
- Farbe: Butterscotch blonde 

The ‘51 Precision Bass combines great traditional P Bass® tone in a classic package that bass freaks, as well as players and collectors, will love! It’s a special edition P Bass with maple fingerboard, ash body and detailed vintage styling. It features the original P Bass headstock shape, one vintage single-coil pickup and two-saddle bridge. The look, feel and vibe of this bass are classic Fender®. It speaks of decades of bass history and tradition, and besides – it looks and sounds cool!

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