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Fender Instrument Care Kit

Fender Instrument Care Kit
Fender Instrument Care Kit
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Fender Instrument Care Kit
Gitarren Pflege Set bestehend aus MIST & WIPE finish enhancer, SWIRL & HAZE REMOVER, POLISH & CONDITIONER and APPLICATOR PAD

Traditional guitar polishes often leave your guitar looking worse than before you started - leaving light scratches, a smear of oily fingerprints and a dull haze all over your guitar's body. Why use some cheap old no-name guitar polish, when you can use the same brand car enthusiasts trust on their $1 million Ferraris. Now you can! For the first time ever, Meguiar's®, the world's premiere car care manufacturer, has developed the ultimate finish care system for guitars - exclusively for Fender®!

This three-step system, created by Meguiar's chemists, works on both acoustic and electric guitar finishes - new or vintage, nitro or poly. First, start with a light spray of FENDER MIST & WIPE finish enhancer and then wipe your axe dry with a FENDER ULTIMATE WIPE detailing cloth (Sold Separately). This safely cleans the finished wood surfaces of dust, oil and fingerprints. FENDER MIST & WIPE can also be used to maintain a lustrous finish between regular cleaning and polishing, and removes those nagging fingerprints without buildup!

FENDER SWIRL & HAZE REMOVER, a deep cleaner for fine-finished woods, can be used to remove light pick marks, sweat stains and scratches on your guitar's body and pickguard. And, it restores the original luster and depth of finish by removing hazy chemicals and cloudy swirl marks.

Lastly, an application of FENDER POLISH & CONDITIONER nourishes your guitar's finished wood surfaces, and makes the plastic and metal surfaces shine. In the end, your instrument will feel clean and smooth - not sticky or oily (especially glossy neck finishes). Just like the day it was born.


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