Samson Servo 300 Endstufe

Samson Servo 300 Endstufe
Samson Servo 300 Endstufe

Samson Servo 300 Endstufe
2HE, 2x150W an 4 Ohm oder 1x300 Watt mono gebrückt an 8 Ohm

  • Unabhängige Level Regler für Links/Rechts mit dreifarbiger 10-Segmente LED Anzeige
  • Eingänge: 6,3mm symmetrische Klinke ( +4dBu), unsymmetrische vergoldete RCA (-10dBv)
  • 5-way Binding Post und 6,3mm Klinken Ausgänge
  • Dual Fan Cooling System

The Servo 300 is a great choice for powering a small to medium sized PA, or an intergrated conference room audio system.

The Servo 300 features large 10-segment 3-color level LED meters and independent channel volume controls. The rear panel includes 1/4-inch balanced and RCA input connectors, as well as 5-way binding post and 1/4-inch speaker outputs.

The Servo amp line also features a 4-stage power protection circuitry that ensures optimal performance and protection of connected components.

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