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Uner Four Consecutiv EP

Uner Four Consecutiv EP
Uner Four Consecutiv EP
Uner - Four Consecutiv EP

Spanish based UNER has been a solid part of Diynamic for the past 4 years now, contributing amazing tracks and sets (live and DJ). His new release "Four Consecutive" is a long awaited EP featuring two completely new UNER tracks. And when we say completely new, we mean it! The more analog sound and density of the tracks create a deeper and darker sound, proving UNER is completely on top of the direction house music is going these days. "Undisclosed" , the A-Side of the EP shows off this deeper sound with steady baselines seemingly finding their way in and out of the track in a serpent like way. This wavy motion within the sound creates a perfect late night club track that will fill the dance floor in seconds. "LFO" pushes the limit a little further. The beat and sounds are super driven and a bit more uptempo than the A side of this EP. Another great track for the dance floor that will get people pumped up. This EP is an advance to UNER's upcoming album due this fall, and will surely captivate every single person listening to even a minute of the tracks.

  • Vinyl (26. August 2013)
  • Anzahl Tonträger: 1
  • Label: Diynamic

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