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Fender Champion 600

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Fender Champion 600 E-Gitarren Combo
kleiner schicker Röhrenamp, 5 Watt, 6" Speaker, 2 KanÀle 1x Git + 1x Mic

A fun and affordable tribute to a rare and historic Fender amp. Our new Champion 600 is a 5-watt tube amp with a 6” speaker and 1950 “two-tone” looks. We added a higher-gain preamp circuit to let the overdriven tone exceed that of the original, and we added a choice of high- or low-gain inputs. Internal speaker jack enables use of a larger speaker cabinet.


  • Output: 5 watts 
  • Ohms: 4 ohms 
  • Speakers: One 6\", 4-ohm Special Design driver with ceramic magnet 
  • Channels: Two (Instrument and Microphone) 
  • Features: Tube Preamp and Tube Power Amp (One 12AX7 tube; One 6V6 tube).
    5 watts into a 6\" Special Design speaker.
  • High-gain and low-gain inputs; hotter preamp circuit than the 1950 original for warm natural overdrive when turned up.
  • Single volume control.
  • External speaker output.
  • Brown and blonde vinyl covering; vintage-correct 1950 \"two-tone\" cosmetics.
  • Leather strap handle.
  • Red jewel pilot light. 
  • Controls  Volume 
  • Covering: Brown and blonde vinyl covering; vintage-correct 1950 \"two-tone\" cosmetics.
  • Weight  15 lbs. (7 kg) 
  • Dimensions  Height: 11\" (28 cm), Width: 12\" (31 cm), Depth: 7.5\" (19 cm) 
  • Tube Complement  1-12AX7A, 1-6V6 (diode rectifier)

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