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Fender G-Dec 30 Digitaler Combo

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Fender G-Dec 30 Digitaler Combo
Fender G-Dec 30 Digitaler Combo

Fender G-Dec 30 Digitaler Combo NEW 


  • Output  30 watts into 8 ohms 
  • Ohms  8 ohms 
  • Speakers  1-8" Fender® Special Design Speaker, p/n 0069744000 
  • Channels  1 Channel 
  • Easy recall of guitar tones from Heavy Metal to Jazz to Punk to Country-- at the twist of a knob!
  • Drum beats, Bass lines, and other instruments provide musical backing in any style and tempo
  • Internal synthesizer with MIDI interface allows playing with MIDI song files via computer- play all the backing tracks through the G-DEC! Every instrument from Piano to Percussion is in there! MIDI keyboards can also be hooked up to G-DEC to play the internal sounds.
  • Special effects like Reverb and Echo plus crazy, creative sound effects!
  • Easy-to-use automatic guitar tuner
  • The amp's top provides a flat surface for placing a portable CD or MP3 player; these devices can be hooked up with the G-DEC for "play along" capability
  • Internal Phrase Sampler can sample the incoming guitar signal to create loops, or song snippets from CD/MP3 may be captured for careful study.
  • Shoulder strap for easy transport
  • 15 Watts of power with a Special Design 8" speaker
  • Future software upgrades can be loaded via MIDI
  • Headphone Jack
  • IEC Grounding Type Power Supply Cord 
  • Controls  Volume, Tone 
  • Covering  Black Textured Vinyl with Silver Grille Cloth 
  • Weight  16 lbs. (7.25 kg) 
  • Dimensions  Height: 13.5" (34.28 cm),
  • Width: 15.5" (39.4 cm),
  • Depth: 7" (17.7 cm)

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