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Fender Precision Bass American RW 3CS

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Fender Precision Bass American RW 3CS
Fender Precision Bass American RW 3CS
*** ausverkauft, siehe neue American Standard Serie - Fender News

Fender American Precision Bass
American Series, S-1 Switching, 3 Color sunburst, wie Bild nur mit Rosewood Griffbrett

Features Fender AM P-Bass
  • sehr solide neu entwickelte Brücke
  • 1 x P-Tonabnehmer
  • 1 x Volume-Regler
  • 1 x Tone-Regler
  • S-1 Switching
  • Rosewood Griffbrett  (Bild ähnlich)
  • incl. Case
  • Farben: 3 Color sunburst, 019-3260-700
  • weitere Farbe: Black, candy cola, Butterscotch Blonde

    The groundbreaking S-1 switching system allows players to switch from humbuckers to single-coils in an instant. This switch is visually undetectable but tonally it turns your instrument into the most versatile axe on the planet! Located in the crown of the master volume knob, one push of the switch will place your pickups in an endless assemblage of parallel and series pickup configurations. You can have the best of all worlds!

    The American Series P Bass that everyone knows and loves is better than ever! The new S-1 switching system makes this bass extremely versatile and gives the player an array of cool new sounds to go with some fantastic new colors and finishes! With the S-1 switching system engaged, it switches the American P Bass split single-coil pickup from series to parallel giving the bass a brighter, snappier tone similar to a J Bass. American Series P Bass guitars feature a solid alder or ash body (depending on color) with a graphite-reinforced, modern “C”-shaped maple neck and a satin polyurethane finish (available with maple or rosewood fingerboard).

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