Fender SCN Jazz Bass Pickup Set 5-Saiter online kaufen

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Fender SCN Jazz Bass Pickup Set 5-Saiter

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Fender SCN Jazz Bass Pickup Set 5-Saiter
Fender SCN Jazz Bass Pickup Set 5-Saiter

Fender SCN Jazz Bass Pickup Set
2x Samarium Cobalt Noiseless PU, 5-Saiter, neueste PU Generation ohne Nebengeräusche

Features SCN J-Bass PU:

  • Bridge - DC Resistance: 14K, Inductance: 4.4 Henries
  • Neck - DC Resistance: 13.3K, Inductance: 4.3 Henries
  • Black Covers

Stick these babies under the hood of your beloved Telecaster and shake hands with destiny! The Fender Mod Shop has designed the ultimate noise-free Telecaster SCN pickup set, thus delivering truly devilish Telecaster tone and tiger shark bite that'll make you boss of the beach in no time.

With their special design combination of traditional magnets and new Samarium Cobalt magnetic material, SCN pickups offer the kind of face-melting dynamic and magnetic response that Tele players dream about. Nothing short of magic, these six-pole scorchers pack more than 50 years of Fender tone heritage to give you absolutely true, noise-free Telecaster sound and feel.

Standard equipment in our American Deluxe Telecasters. Enjoy a set today.

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